Creative use of Emojis

There is a point in life when one ponders to be or not to be.

En español podemos pensar en la referencia de cuando Pichulas Cuellar perdió el miembre ante in perro haciendo referencia a un sistema educativo castrante y anticuado.

Then there is my 7 and 9 year old son who discovered whatsapp (only allowed contacts) I made a family group the mom, the kids and myself.

They discovered voice notes and not 5 minutes after having the group, wife and I where spammed with several hundred notes. So smart me told them they where not allowed to use voice notes. So they discovered taking pictures and videos, so again the barage of text came by.

I then set my foot down and said, no pictures, no videos, no voice notes only text from the key board…. My honest goal was getting the to write and practice spelling.

The the glorious moment my 7 year old in protest following all rules sends me this:

Funny Emoji by Vitelio V Vega E

Yes I saved the chat history to remind me to never stop their creativity…

They are now allowed to send in any form but to please try to use text more.

Angry Wife

After some bickering because I had declared a strike against house chores because my kids didn’t do their share of the dishes and rather then making them do their chores she (my wife) did them and begun the long dreaded “I do everything around the house speech” the kids and I fear.

I made the grave mistake of hinting that I also do my share of the chore load. Had forgotten to explain to her why I was on strike, this opened pandoras box and all hell broke loose, I had the undivided attention of the creature we shall now call “angry wife”.

I sought refuge for the barage of verbal artillery I knew was coming my way… Thought it was smart to find a comfy position on our bed (lower back problem issues) and just ride through the bombardment.

She discovered me, I got into semi fetal position as I pretended to be fast as sleep and hope the predator’s attention would focus elsewhere… All I heard were different pitches and tones (no screaming) just a range of whispers to rather loud talking, bla bla bla the bombs kept dropping.

All silent and I heard it


And I was KO

I now do the dishes if they get out of hand and warn the sweet wife to avoid and morph to angry wife moment that I’m trying to get the kids to do their share of the dishes.

Dominio de la lengua y primeras impresiones

A menudo siento frustración por la cantidad de errores gramaticales y ortografía que me encuentran de diferentes fuentes. Lo más impresionante es que con tantas herramientas gratuitas para mejorar nuestra ortografía y hasta cierto nivel nuestra gramática, existe una total falta de interés por mejorar nuestro uso del lenguaje. Lo triste es que el dominio del lenguaje y su uso apropiado es una primera impresión que tiene consecuencias graves para la parte social y profesional de la persona.