From life to death

As the tides of the ocean are governed by her majesty in the sky above.

For they come and go in an eternal dance of beating drums.

With each sunlit flower that must be loved.

So does catch thy breathless from dusk to dawn.

As time progressing and ripe fruit arises in spring bloomed fields.

For harvest is coming full of emotion of summer warmth.

With dew droplets caressing the delicate stem.

So too the songbird will guide the fawn.

A pen can only do what the master orders.

Felt drawn lines as ink flows.

Willing but unheard

Sailing words drift from the plan.

Actions are taken by force this time.

Feeding the lizard again in time.

Woefully disgusted as time has passed.

Sorrow beholds distress and cry.

A life full of wonders seems a lie.






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