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Why do I study English if you already speak the language?

For starters, let me clarify the fact that I do not study English, I study the English language and all of its components within the field of Humanities. The focus of my training is not to learn how to read, write or speak English, it is to dissect and understand all that makes English a language. There is also an important part of my training, I am exploring the meaning of being human and human interactions thanks to language.

My mayor will be the English Language with a minor in teaching, with hopes to eventually focus on expanding my understanding of humanity and their interactions with their environment. All while sharing my knowledge with those who are willing to learn what I have. Learning a language is not only reading, writing and speaking, it is knowing what makes that language unique, what are its roots, how it evolved; is it alive or is it extinct. A language though abstract acts as a living thing, which evolves and changes over time. I thirst to understand this, at least with English.

So why do you write in Spanish?

I may not be formally studying Spanish, but I am fully bilingual and can apply what I’m learning in one language to the other. So in view of things, by forcing myself to write in Spanish, I am practicing the use of the language and by also reading in Spanish (I read in both Spanish and English), I will unconsciously apply my knowledge of how to understand one language to the other. All language have common features, the order of how ideas are structured vary, but expressing such ideas remains the same from language to language.

Also, I live in a country who’s population is mainly Spanish speaking and they are my target audience, so to get my message across, I chose Spanish as the language of choice for my blog. Anyway, Why limit myself? If I can study one language all whilst I practice the other.

What do are your long term goals?

I am not too keen on speaking about my personal life, but I will speak about my long term career goals. I currently work as a medical and legal English – Spanish Interpreter, but decided to leave the field to pursue my dream of higher education and teaching. After my Bachelor’s degree, I will follow a career path to teach at a grade school level, while pursuing a Masters in Teaching English as a second language and if time allows it, a Doctorate in Humanities.

Will you have time to do all this considering your age?

Yes and from start to completion, if my math is right, the whole ordeal should take about eight years. I have invested two years from the application process to date and will need another two years to complete the bachelor’s degree. But I feel strong, healthy and on the right track.






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