Thinking About Labor

Another thought experiment.

I’ve noticed that there is a large under supply of blue collar professions in Panama. But I also blame that on how the education system is structured. Public focuses on memory (Being good employee’s). Private focuses on problem solving (Being good bosses). But there is no middle ground for the hands on professions.

They have tried with very little success to push those programs with INADEH, but with no internship opportunities, it’s really hard to find a job. Then many end up in the school of humanities with a useless degree. It’s like you can’t get into what you want… they send them to humanities. Which has led to an over supply of modern filosofers mostly mediocre who end up in dead end jobs.

1. Raise the bar for educators. We can’t have educators who don’t have a proper grasp of the language they use to teach their subject.
2. Raise the bar to enter upper education. If you don’t pass with a minimum for the admissions test. Go back study take a prep course etc.
3. Improve the blue collar apprenticeship programs and create relationship with private public entities to give the people work experience.

Finally at grade school. Teach to be both good leaders and followers. You have to learn to lead and follow because in a professional environment it’s always changing.






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