Describing a Goddess

The end of land welcomes blue, carried by ocean waves.

Followed by the horizon that blends where sea meets sky, making blue for all to see.

Eternally Beautiful is what will survive for blue means energy, blue means life.

The bringer of peace for blue shines from within followed by warmth.

Enter she in full glory, with a mesmerizing gaze.

Hazel green, like the savanna in spring,

Glittering, just as fireflies light the night sky.

One is mystified, in awe, jaw dropped,

Once the rays of light strike her face,

A glowing face full of glory.

Curly jet black hair carried by the wind, brings out her smile,

And an intoxicating laughter fills the air, bringing happiness to all around.

Nine muses reside inside her for the arts are inspired by her.

The artist shies away from her mere sight

As only a goddess could.

The hands tremble as the brush ever so softly strokes the canvas,

Gently recreating unimaginable fairness.

The goddess remains still, sun rays embellish her

She is to be eternalized.

For hazel, green and blue

Like the morning dew caresses the petals of the primrose

Refracting with magnificence

Only what sublime nature can bring

Marveling at Gaia

Admiring the seven wonders

Reviving radiance within

Alluring moments of benediction

Uniquely Born Of Light Divine Ideal…






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